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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Designer: Carol Meldrum
Pattern:Rowan Magazine 39
Yarn: Summer Tweed Cape(6) Ghost(1) Powder(1) Blueberry(1) Oddments of tonic colours
Purchased: John Lewis Glasgow
Needles: Bamboo 4mm and 5mm
Techniques: Have never picked up a ribbed border all the way round a bolero before.
Stash or Fresh: Main shade Fresh, Contrasts Stash
For: Self
Started: February 2006
Completed: May 2006
Observations: The main thing about this one was that there was far too much dye loss in my first wash. I contacted Rowan who took it away for a while then offered me a full refund. So, this garment was essentially free, but I haven't dared wash it again since!

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  • At 25 November, 2006, Blogger Karen said…

    What a lovely pin to keep it closed, it's so pretty. I love the colours in this top, it' s so elegant yet casual.


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