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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Midwest Moonlight

Name:Midwest Moonlight Mat
Designer: Ivy Bigelow
Pattern: Midwest Moonlight Scarf Style
Yarn: 1 1/2 x Cotton Cashmere shade #12
Manufacturer: Debbie Bliss
Purchased: K1 Yarns
Needles: Bamboo 4mm
Techniques: Nothing out of the ordinary. The slanted shapes come about because on R/S you are working with 8 stitch sets and on the W/S it's 7 or 9.
Stash or Fresh: Fresh
For: Self
Started: April 2006
Completed: April 2006
Observations: I started off making the scarf, as you do, but then I decided they yarn and pattern weren't a good combination. Loathe to frog it, I adapted it into a dressing table mat, which is how I still use it. I am a member of the Scarf Style Knitalong Blog

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