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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Archive five- Biggy Print scarf and hat

This is a scarf and hat I made a few years ago, when Rowan Biggy Print first came out. I was on a tighter yarn budget then, I bought the Biggy Print but sat in John Lewis following the hat pattern in the display copy of the book as I couldn't stretch to the cost of the book, particularly as I only wanted one pattern out of it. Cheap or what? Of course that was the era before Glasgow Knitting Meetup group, where we share our resources.

In those days I couldn't stretch to a whole jumper in decent wool so I chose to make a few nice accessories from quality yarns. Those were the days before I realised that wool comes before bread and milk on the shopping list.

I've enjoyed this set, and had a lot of wear out of it, but the Biggy Print just sheds so many fibres. This will be a recurring theme in Archive Five, as quite a few of my vintage numbers are in this and similar yarns.

Just in case you are wondering, I have rewarded John Lewis with l*o*t*s of loyal business in the yarn department since. They've had their just reward for letting me look at a book buck shee.Posted by Picasa

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